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looking to get dommed by a tall woman who's also a chess computer

the internet says not to use my computer in bed or the computer will overheat which is why my desk is just a huge stack of duvets

i turned up the difficulty and the computer is once again absolutely humiliating me at chess, the way it should be

it took 9 months of occasionally trying but i finally beat my laptop at chess, suck that you big metal prick

the only sex i believe is real is essex, and even if it is real, who would ever want to go to essex

[ASMR[ seven foot tall woman unsheathes broadsword at you

he's not due over for 7 hours and im already thinking about it

i live in fear of my support worker asking to use my toilet

wondering what computer naomi klein uses

i want a girl with a apple pineapple and a loooooong pen

looking for a girl have you seen any?

correction: my ass teeth are actually in good condition

i thought this was mean and cruel when i was a child but as an adult with fucked up ass teeth i now feel it's distressingly accurate

i have chipped my tooth and will never fuck again

i'm increasingly glad i did not post my full dick on here

i know he namesearches so i have to be careful but g-o-d, please fuck off

[sticker on my phone]

this machine texts busty redheads

i chipped my tooth because i was caring about my girlfriend too much

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hi i don't trust any of the bigger instances not to do anything weird so this is an instance just for me